master project university of bergen, KMD

different material, mainly pine

spring and summer 2022

This practice-based research project aims to create a conversation about regional crafts in Vestland that are linked to fishing culture. These crafts are threatened if we don’t talk about them, use them, perform them, pass them on. I designed and made a collection of stools and side tables and picked some techniques. The fusion of tradition and modernity is a demanding way of thinking and working. It creates value by including a personal manufacturing process, connecting to natural materials, and working with small production quantities. For sustainable production, it is important to use only local materials and also to take care of waste materials. We need to learn again to take our time and immerse ourselves in a manufacturing process, rather than expecting everything to be readily available. The interaction with these objects challenges us to find a personal response to the complex consumption system in which we live and is therefore worthy to award.