project Masterstudies KMD

pine, leather

summer 2021

We like to consume. We like to sit comfortably. But what are we sitting on?

The handplained stool LAGE is an excerpt from a critical examination of the tension between comfortably consuming and passionately making. It is intended to explore coastal wood craftsmanship that is now threatened, and to enable an immersion in traditional, tacit knowledge during the manufacuring process. Presenting this in a new way and providing a comfortable sitting opportunity stimulates discussion and encourages us to question what we are sitting on.

„Much work was involved (…) but the raw material itself was free, a gift of nature that people had learened to utilize. Perhaps our own generation, blindly enslaved by the current use-and-throw mentality, has something to learn from our forefathers in this respect?“ Hopstad, J. & Herman, E., 1985. Lagging på gammel og ny måte, Oslo: Landbruksforlaget, p.86.

exhibited at Designer´s Saturday, Oslo 2021