exam project akademie gut rosenberg


spring and summer 2020

Starting with the senses of seeing and hearing and sensing, I embarked on a journey to create a place that provides space for these three. On hikes in the Eifel I came across the Dreiborner Hochfläche, a place steeped in history but also simply with beautiful nature. There you could actually linger for a long time but there is neither a possibility to rest nor shelter from rain, sun or wind. So I paired the senses with the weather conditions and designed three huts, each with its own task. However, all of them are united by the choice of spruce material and the construction principle. All connections are made only by cutting the slats to length, no complex carpentry skills are required. The huts are intended to have a temporary character and to blend in with the barren landscape in their simplicity. The result, in addition to many models and a concept book, are three final models in 1:10 made of spruce. One Weghatte sits on a stone, rests, ponders and protects from the wind. In the other, you can listen without much to hear at first-until it starts to rain. This wayside hut is placed in a hollow and has a roof made of folded sheet metal with a canopy. In the third wayside hut you can keep a lookout, sit without exposing yourself to the sun and it is accessible with a ladder.

best final exam Gut Rosenberg 2020/ nominated for „Talente“ Internationale Handwerksmesse München 2021