masterpiece in joinery

spruce steel tyvek

autumn and winter 2019

overcrowded wardrobes – you are what you wear.

rethink- How many items do I really wear of all the items in my closet?

restart- time, awareness, appreciation

a shell for my shells 

Apart from all the crafting difficulties, it’s mainly about an impulse to rethink one’s closet. How many pieces of clothing do I really need? What happens to discarded, still wearable parts? Where do all the beautiful shells that clothe us come from? To create this one place of appreciation and a shell for the shells, I designed this furniture. It is made of simple materials, plain yet not boring. The slats are applied to Tyvek, a recyclable plastic similar to paper. It is very resistant to tearing, making it the perfect support material, as the slats swing freely when the „doors“ are opened and are only held in the middle by the handle slats. The cabinet is axisymmetrical and so you can open it from both sides. This supports the idea that the furniture should stand freely in the room to allow quick access.
All parts are milled by hand with templates or on the table router and the surface is treated with white oil and hard wax oil.